Rejoice! The garbage year known as 2020 is almost over and I cannot be more grateful, just like everyone else.

However, it wasn’t *all* bad. Honestly, it wasn’t. Here are some highlights:

  • There was so much creativity that came from 2020.
    Virtual showdowns to zoom gameshows, the BS from 2020 proved that creativity is indeed the birth of necessity.
  • Remote work is the best work.
    I recently purchased a new pair of jeans and I wish I could turn back time. They are so tight. But to be fair, I did gain a bit of weight and pants fitting tightly is expected. And also rude. But that’s not the point. Everyone working remotely has made employers realized how important it is to offer remote work. I certainly love it and will likely not go back to a work office.
  • People started their own businesses
    Myself included. 2020 quarantine pushed me to start selling on eBay. Then on Depop. Then on Pietra. One of my resolutions for 2021 is knuckling down on my side projects and focus more on advertising and promoting my brand. I also want to make my YouTube channel happen. I’ve ready to start creating things that genuinely make me happy.
  • I got married!
    In your face, Covid! I got married anyway! Granted, we cut our guest list down to 25-30 people (mainly family and some friends), make everyone adhere to the mask mandate in Springfield, and gave out sanitizer as wedding favors. We also had to postpone our wedding reception to August 2021. With the multiple vaccines out in the world, our fingers are crossed we’ll be able to celebrate our one-year anniversary with the people we love dearly (related or not).
  • Kye
    Long before Neal and I got married, we talked about getting a chihuahua dog together. It just so happened that three weeks after we got married, I found Kye from Route 66 Rescue through I remember going into our meeting with an open mind. It could be great but don’t force it, I remember thinking to myself as I drove over to the shelter in Ozark. Then I saw his little face the minute I walked in. And I saw how my dog Joe reacted when he met him. And then I learned Kye was a survivor of an animal attack, just like Neal’s dog Petey was. It felt like fate to me. And I’m so glad I took him home that day. It hasn’t been easy, but Kye is hilarious and wicked smart. He loves big, which I relate to. And he silently farts stinky farts, just like Neal. Kye isn’t the perfect dog, but he’s our dog and we love him a lot.

2020 was a rough year, but I hope your 2021 is wonderful. We made it through and we’ll be stronger because of it. I wish you a great year of creativity, strength and kindness.